SEO optimization – Promote your website in 3 step

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My own past experience with how to promote your website with SEO optimization

To share from my own past experience how to optimize a website with SEO optimization.

The First, Website positioning for SEO optimization

The first steps of SEO optimization are:

  • knowing what your industry is doing
  • knows the user groups facing
  • analysis of market conditions
  • analysis of competitors;

don’t confuse on the website, wait until the site includes to know that they are wrong, it will be too late.

Second, keyword selection

There are three main types of keywords.

  1. Core keywords: closely related to the
    • industry competition
    • the large search volume of the word generally set 2-4 can be
    • the layout of the home page and section page.
  2. Long-tail keywords: small competition, search volume in general, but can improve website traffic and later conversion.
  3. Brand keywords: such as WP Beginner SEO, WP Beginner is a brand word

Keyword selection is very important, with the site positioning is more knowledgeable, directly determines your user groups and site development direction.

Third, the keyword layout

This operation is also relatively critical, the main core keyword layout to the

  • home page
  • section page
  • or navigation part

the long-tail keywords are mainly laid out in the page, that is the content. It should be noted that:

  • Do not keyword stacking
  • Pay attention to the frequency of keywords that is, keyword density
  • There is no so-called 2% -8% density which is online by the proliferation of the argument
  • as long as the normal layout of keywords
  • in line with the user’s reading habits, basically almost.

Of course, no matter how good the method for SEO optimization, no practice, or as if on paper. The most important thing is to be able to carry out a certain amount of practical cumulative experience with SEO optimization, from experience to get the required content to reach the goal of SEO optimization.


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