How to Setup an Email Account on iOS

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1.Adding a New Email Account

Once that is done, we can add a new email account to your iPhone:

  1. To start, navigate to your Settings -> Passwords & Accounts.
    general setting app on iphone, password settings
  2. Choose Add Account.
    Adding a new email account on iOS
  3. You’ll be presented with a few mail provider options. Click on Other to add a custom email address.
    Choosing the Other option to create a custom mail account on iOS
  4. Then, click on Add Mail Account.
    Add a mail account in the iOS Settings Page

2. Setting Up the Email

Now we’re going to use the information you’ve copied previously from your hpanel to set up the rest of your email.

  1. New Account window will appear. Pay attention here and make sure you fill in everything correctly.
    Enter your email account details

    • Name – the full name that will also appear as the sender name
    • Email – your complete email address
    • Password – the password you use to login to the email address you used
    • Description – this is only visible to you, so you can jot down anything you want
  2. Once finished, click Next.
  3. You will see two options – IMAP and POP. In this example, we will choose IMAP as our protocol of choice. Now, enter your email server settings (from Step 1) for both Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server. Here’s how it should look:
    Setting up the IMAP and SMTP hosts

    • Host Name – your IMAP Host (incoming) and SMTP Host (outgoing)
    • User Name – the same email you entered previously
    • Password – the password same as before
  4. Once finished, click Next and then Save.
  5. Go back to Settings -> Passwords & Accounts. You will see the name of the account you’ve just created. In this example, it’s Tutorial.
  6. If you go to your Mail app, you should see your newly added account among your other mailboxes.
    Your custom email is found on the iOS Mail app


Well done! Now you know how to add and set up an email on iOS. It wasn’t that hard now, was it? If all of the information you’ve entered was correct, you should already be receiving emails on your iOS device.

If you still have a problem, recheck all the information entered. If something is still not working or you ran into any trouble, contact customer support for help.

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